With PNG

  1. Joint Communiqué between PM of PNG and Fiji during the visit of Commodore Bainimarama from 15 – 19th April 201316th April 2013.
  2. Agreement between the Government of PNG and Government of Fiji and for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income.
  3. Cabinet Memorandum “Fiji/PNG Bilateral Trade Agreement” (For Discussion) by the Minister for commerce, Industry, Trade and Public Enterprises.29th May 1996.
  4. MOU between Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Fiji and NARI [PNG National Research Institute] on “Partnership and Collaboration 3rd December, 2013.
  5. MOU between Government of PNG and Government of Fiji for PGK50 Million by the Government of PNG to support Fiji’s 2014 National Election.
  6. Pacific Islands Treaty Series – “Agreement between PNG, and Fiji, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Australia, New Zealand concerning the status of elements of the Defence Forces of those countries deployed in the North Solomon’s Province of PNG as part of South Pacific Peacekeeping Force [1194] PITSE 18 (28 September 1994) Suva, 28 September, 1994.
  7. PNG PICTA Notification of Transmission of Particulars of the Inclusion on the Negative List and the applicable tariff in each case. 14th December 2004
  8. South Pacific Regional Trade & Economic cooperation Agreement (SPARTECA) Australia, 30th June, 1982.
  9. Draft MOU between the Government of PNG & Fiji for the PGK50 Million to support the 2014 Fiji National Elections. 2014