General Advice

If you do happen to encounter serious problems while you are in PNG, Solomons or Vanuatu you should seek the assistance of the Fiji High Commission. However, there are very clear limits to what the Fiji High Commission can do.

What The High Commission Can Do
• Issue emergency travel documents.
• Inform next of kin in the case of an injury, accident, serious illness, or death
• Provide a list of doctors and lawyers.
• Visit you in jail, if you are arrested, and arrange for your family to be informed, if you so request.
• Help you during natural disasters and emergencies
• Provide general advise about Fiji
• Provide general advice on PNG, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste and Vanuatu.
• Visit you in hospital
• Provide advice on host country employment regulations and labour laws
• Provide advice on host country Immigration laws and procedures

What The High Commission Cannot Do
• Arrange any of your travel or hotel bookings.
• Pay your hotel, medical, or any other bills or become involved in disputes about these expenses.
• Provide funds to pay your legal costs or fines.
• Get you out of jail.
• Represent you at legal proceedings or give legal advice.
• Obtain special treatment for you in jail, or hospital, or in any dealings you might have with local authorities.
• Arrange for work or a work permit for you.
• Pay your debts
• Getting involved in civil and marital matters on your behalf
• Pay your airline tickets